How COVID-19 Has Changed Us

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Marketing through the pandemic was quite challenging, especially with companies shutting down some of their divisions because they were no longer meeting their deadlines. Whenever there was an increase in the number of people infected with COVID, the Government and state authorities would implement a lockdown to reduce the virus from spreading. People were not allowed to leave their homes, and they had to stay indoors for the most part. They could only move out for essential services or medical purposes. Additionally, there were a lot of other changes that they were getting through as well.

Most of the companies who could make changes and start remote working were quite happy to make the move, but many could not and had to wait for the restrictions to be lifted for them to get through. Businesses and people working in construction, hospitality, mechanical work and various similar businesses could take small aspects online, but they had to wait for the situation to get better. There were other changes they had to get through as well. With all of these changes taking place, companies could not keep up and were unsure about how they would get through.

A majority of the remote working companies could not keep up and noticed a significant decrease in productivity. While remote working was the best option for the moment, people could not focus on their personal lives, errands and other changes that were taking place. The rules were lifted whenever there was a reduction in the number of people with the virus, but everything was not back to normal. In fact, with the changes that took place across the last year, we learned that things would be unlikely to get back to the way they were pre-pandemic. 

If we are to foresee the changes taking place, we do not think that much would change from now to several months down the line. We, as a company, continue to follow the rules put forth by the Government, like wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Additionally, we are not planning on stopping any of these measures anytime soon because we want to be safe through the process.

Throughout the pandemic, there were many changes we had to get through. Once we were done, we did not recognize the new company we had become, but they were all positive. We completely changed the way we were doing things and reworked the internal company structure and the processes we had in place. Additionally, we started working on maintaining social distance and went contactless as well. Furthermore, we no longer visit our customers and clients in their homes and make sure we are distanced and masked at all times. We had to move to a more remote and distant form of communication, especially with the many changes that were taking place.

With the pandemic as prominent as it is, there are some changes that we are working on implementing while we work from the office. For a team of people working in marketing, the change to remote working was not advisable, but it seemed like the best option we had. Additionally, we were fortunate that we could make the move to remote working while many could not. We implemented rules about the number of people who could work from the office. We had all our staff maintain a distance of six feet from one another and wear masks.

With everyone not together while we are getting things done, it is challenging to get through processes that would otherwise seem like a breeze. We can no longer work on the same team building activities due to the distancing rules, people not in the same office and everyone logging in from their homes, but we remain close (from a distance) to each other.

We take breaks in between the work we are handling and then clean the office. At the peak of the pandemic, we did not want to spend the same number of hours at the office, so we reduced the time that we were working. We would get more done from home though, which made sense to the process. We went from 8-8 to 1-8 and even made changes to our training classes, which are now shorter and only two days a week.

From a client’s point of view, remote working did not change much for us, at least from a client’s point of view. We were always using secure platforms when transferring information from one person to another, so we did not have to make any significant changes. We were using Microsoft and Credico when sending information and other details, and they worked just fine pre the pandemic, so we did not have to worry about making some significant changes to the process.

When it comes to working with clients, we make sure we maintain 6 to 12 feet at all times because we do not want to catch the virus on the off chance that someone else has it.

While there are instances where we do meet in person, depending on Government rules and restrictions, we prefer conversing and talking to our clients over Zoom because that is a lot easier. Additionally, we would virtually connect with other offices via zoom, allowing us to get on the same page as the clients and others. Sometimes phone calls do not cut it, and we need a little more.

We have made it a point to no longer share iPads with our clients. We would pass them the information on an iPad, which we stopped because we are trying to reduce the number of places and surfaces that people were coming in contact with. We now send them links to their phones so we can minimize their contact and keep them safe.

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