How We Are Handling COVID-19

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Since the onset of the pandemic, many businesses were finding it challenging to keep up. With nationwide lockdowns, remote working and people forced to stay indoors for most of the time, companies and businesses were not sure how they were going to get through as they could not meet their targets and deadlines. A study of about a hundred of them stated that people are less productive when they are remote working, but for the most part, companies did not have a choice and had to work following the rules of remote working. 

As a company that assists with marketing, we had a lot of our clients get in touch with us for assistance during the pandemic, and many of them ended up doing quite well. We were quite fortunate and very excited about being able to help so many companies and see that they could meet their full potential. We also helped a large number of them make a shift to a better telecom solution, which was an overall benefit to the business they were running.

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to say how and when COVID will impact us here at Rogue. We took a hit, as many businesses did, earlier this summer but have since implemented many changes for our employees and management to stay safe and healthy, hopefully allowing us to remain up and running, even in these uncertain times.

Currently, we are fully back in the swing of things, after taking a massive hit in the summer where we had to shut down, but we kept ourselves busy. We had a small team in the office doing minor cosmetic renovations to keep morale up and keep team members active, doing something or the other.

Our ways of communicating with current employees remain the same, we are back in office full time, but the way we conduct our interviews is a hybrid of both in-person and Zoom meetings. The changes allow us to keep individual safety concerns in mind while still focusing on growing our company and brand. We did implement a lot of changes like using the phone a lot more and getting all the coordination we needed over the phone if we could avoid an in-person meeting.

Currently, we are in office full time, but occasionally our recruiting staff will work either from home or in a remote office setting. Until the next lockdown, we are working from the office full time however if the Government implements new changes to accommodate work from home employees, communication, and daily interaction with employees, we would have a few issues to solve. However, we are quite used to working from the office as we have implemented all the rules and are keeping our team and clients safe.

Currently, we require masks and six feet of social distance at all times. We are conducting most of our interviews via zoom, limiting the amount of traffic we have in and out of the office. Additionally, we are continuously sanitizing any contact surfaces in any part of the office.

While there were a lot of changes that we implemented, the amount of time we spent working remained the same. We do not use any specific tools when communicating with our clients but the usual communication tools, which include Hangouts, Whatsapp and others, however, we particularly favor Zoom or FaceTime. We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business expos as well as long as they line with our schedules.

We do not actively promote travel and meeting in person, but we are willing to conduct in-person meetings if necessary. Sometimes they are the only way to get in touch with a client and communicate an idea as the phone or messages sometimes causes a loss in translation. Of course, we make sure we meet all safety precautions when conducting the meetings.

We understand that times are tough and in light of things it may seem insensitive to remain open and have our employees work in an office, but health and the welfare of our employees is always our priority. We maintain a safe work environment during these times. We remain open to ensure that our employees can provide for themselves and their families. We do not only want to protect their health and welfare but also their livelihoods.

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