What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Career In Sales And Marketing

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For years, many have considered sales and marketing as fall back options instead of actual careers. However, as businesses have grown more competitive, so the perception of these career options has changed. As the importance of marketing and sales in businesses has increased, their potential has doubled too. This has led many to pursue them as career options today.

But, while the demand and potential of a career in marketing and sales are significant, that does not necessarily mean that pursuing it is easy. As marketing and sales are required to grow a business, they are always in the spotlight. So, if you are in either of these roles, you’ll need to pick up your socks and meet regular targets. That doesn’t mean it’s all challenges as a marketer or salesperson. With the hurdles come several rewards in the form of incentives and valuable skills such as communication, time and self-management, etc.

To give you a clearer picture of what these career choices have to offer and require of you, Rogue Marketing, Inc. has explained what you need to know before choosing a career in sales and marketing.

1. Educational qualifications
In marketing and sales, we don’t believe that it’s mandatory to have a degree. Sure, it’s not a bad idea to pursue further studies in these areas, but when it comes to performing the job, what really matters is experience and performance. At Rogue Marketing, Inc., we start all our marketing and sales employees off on an even playing field, so everyone has the chance to advance within the company. While they work, we also train them to bring them up to speed on their tasks and enable them to deliver excellence.

2. Skills and talents
We believe it’s possible to teach anyone to be an excellent sales and marketing expert provided that they are interested in this career path. To actually build the skills and acquire the knowledge that we provide, they need to maintain an open mind. When a person is looking to embark on a career with us, it’s vital to be open, willing to learn, and ready to push themselves despite the challenges they are faced with. If they can manage this, only then will they be able to progress in their career. Other crucial requirements are a good attitude, eagerness to learn (student mentality), and openness to different approaches.

Opportunities and challenges of choosing a career in marketing and sales
As the sales and marketing industry is versatile, there are several opportunities that you can obtain. At the entry levels within the first year at our company, you can make anything between $35,000 to $50,000 a year. As you progress, you will receive increments determined by your performance and contribution to the team and company.

Rogue Marketing, Inc. believes in promoting from within, so the growth opportunities with us are unlimited. That said, an employee will be awarded higher positions or leadership roles only if they are willing to put in the work to obtain them. Besides professional growth, we also strive to have our employees grow personally to become better, more effective communicators and leaders within their community.

That said, it’s essential to know that these career choices come with challenges too. Sales and marketing are very time-consuming career paths, especially if it’s your first job. But if you stay patient, positive, and consistent, the rewards are worth it all.

If you’d like to know more about the sales and marketing career paths available to you, reach out to Rogue Marketing, Inc. We are a telecom sales and marketing firm in Richmond, VA. We excel in the rapid expansion of markets for national telecom providers to bring leading fiber-optic technology into new regions. To offer our clients the services they require, we make it our primary goal to train our staff to deliver quality outputs effectively. We provide full training to all new employees for the first three weeks at the company. Following this, we provide them with additional personalized training if needed.

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