How Rogue Marketing, Inc. Helped A Client Increase Their Market Reach By 50%

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As a renowned telecom sales and marketing firm in Richmond, VA, at Rogue Marketing, Inc., we know how to expand markets for national telecom providers to bring leading fiber-optic technology into new regions. We connect with eligible customers through individualized product presentations that capture the essence of their tech needs. Our approach leads to repeat business and sustained growth. We love tackling the challenges associated with customized marketing solutions used to help businesses expand their markets and meet their goals.

However, certain challenges take a bit of strategic thinking to overcome. But, irrespective of the obstacles, we are more than happy to help you find the right solution. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client with a low client reach expand their audience. 

The Challenge: Low reach rate with traditional marketing methods
We were once approached by a client with a very poor reach-rate that had them questioning their business model. They were certain that their business ideas were the culprit for their poor reach, but decided to approach us to give their marketing angle another look.

When we assessed their past marketing efforts, we realized that they used the typical, indirect marketing techniques like phone calls, mail, email, commercials, etc. to reach out to their clients. This contributed to a low market reach of 8%. The reason this occurred was that their promotional emails, phone calls, etc. were being ignored. As a result, they were faced with the challenge of how to increase their reach-rate and customer acquisitions.

The Solution: Changing their marketing approach
At Rogue Marketing, Inc., we connect clients with customers via direct marketing. After thoroughly studying the client’s past marketing approaches, we explained to them their shortcomings and introduced them to our alternative approach. Just a few months after implementing our face to face customer approach, their reach-rate increased to about 50%, which was a significant improvement.

The Bottom Line 
There is definitely a learning curve whenever a company takes on a new client. As a result, it is essential to hire people who are professional and capable of taking a face to face marketing approach, and also educating everyone on their products and services.

As the best telecom sales and marketing firm in Richmond, VA, Rogue Marketing, Inc., specializes in providing customized marketing solutions for telecom providers. While passion drives us as a team, knowledge, experience, and integrity support the success of our efforts. We possess the skills to conceptualize strategy and put it into action, as well as offer consulting and training to drive your success story. We understand your goals and your business and accordingly formulate a strategic solution that gets you the visibility and engagement that you expect. 

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