Employee Spotlight: Tanner Hofe

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Meet Tanner Hofe, a Sales Representative at Rogue Marketing, Inc. Tanner started his career at Rogue Marketing, Inc. two months back and already has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words how important Tanner has become to our team. However, the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Tanner has earned himself quite the reputation amongst his fellow coworkers, and our clients.

Tanner has certain qualities that make him a unique employee. He always arrives early to the office and is willing to go the extra mile to make a genuine connection with customers. Tanner is also eager to take on additional responsibility and performs at a level that exceeds the standards and expectations set forth by both the office and himself.

His concern for customers and determination to meet their individual needs is what we appreciate the most. He goes above and beyond to ensure customers are completely satisfied with his assistance and our services. 

We recall a situation wherein a customer wished to change their product order after receiving their order information. Tanner stepped up and guided the customer through the interaction, from problem through to the close. Overall, the customer was satisfied with his experience.

Through his diligence and desire to grow within our company, He is pushing for promotion into leadership in the near future. He brings a level of professionalism that is matched only by his intensity for growth. 

When we asked him why he loves working with us, he grinned and said: “There’s no place that offers you a better opportunity! You truly get as much out of the opportunity as you are willing to put in.”

As the Sales Representative at Rogue Marketing, Inc., Tanner has genuine care and love for Rogue Marketing, Inc., and we absolutely love the integrity with which he works.

Just like Tanner, at Rogue Marketing, Inc., we genuinely care for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing telecom sales and marketing services to clients across Richmond, Bon Air, Glen Allen, Henrico, Mechanicsville, Highland Springs, Sandston, Chester, Chesterfield, Hopewell, Petersburg, Midlothian, Powhatan, and Ashland, Virginia. 

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